What is VFW? 

Kazuo Masuda VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post 3670 – Youth Group of Orange County is a non-profit group started by the Kazuo Masuda family in 1957.

Our mission is to promote, develop, foster, and encourage the development of youth and service to the community. Programs include community youth athletic programs that teach good sportsmanship and promote healthy activities. Our teams help support VFW Post 3670 by maintaining/cleaning the Post located in Garden Grove, attend veteran-related events, and provide refreshments for their monthly meetings.


WHO MANAGES this organization?

VFW Youth Group is run entirely by volunteers who comprise of parents, friends, and community leaders who want to make a fun and safe environment for our children to play basketball, learn new skills, and build friendships. 


VFW Youth Group is one of many youth organizations that plays in the Southeast Youth Organization (SEYO) basketball league. 

  • SEYO Winter Season is for grades 2nd-8th and held from December-February. 
  • SEYO Spring Season is for grades 9th-12th and held from March-May. 

SEYO League games are held on Sunday afternoons through the months listed above. However, VFW teams practice run year-round on Saturday afternoons (location and times vary) with the exception of 1-2 months in the summer. Aside from playing in SEYO Winter and/or Spring Seasons, VFW teams also play in tournaments throughout California. VFW also holds their own tournament each fall. In 2022, the 42nd VFW Basketball Tournament was held on October 15th and 16th with 274 teams and 2479 players participating!!

VFW forms new teams at the end of summer for incoming 2nd graders. Teams tend to stay together all the way through high school and we have had so many kids and their families form life-long friendships. We encourage activities outside of practices and games so that VFW is not just for basketball but also for social development and fun!! For more information on registration and possible openings on older teams, please contact Nina Lao at vfwnina@gmail.com. You can also fill out this form so that we can contact you regarding any future opportunities for clinics, camps, and team registration.

For those who are not yet in 2nd grade, we VFW offers clinics throughout the year called Keiki Kodomo Clinic that generally runs 1 day per week for several weeks in a row. For more information, please contact Rae Fujimoto at keikikodomobasketballcamp@gmail.com.


ARE THERE Other VFW OPPORTUNITIES and Activities for my CHILD?

VFW holds a few fundraisers each year to help fund gym fees for practices, uniforms, and equipment. Each team will have fundraising and volunteer commitments/responsibilities to help keep the organization and its activities running. 

As your child gets older, there will be many more opportunities for community service, leadership, and social gatherings through the Youth Group. Teens can earn volunteer hours through various community service events offered through the organization and within the community. If you have ideas, would like to volunteer, or are interested in the community and social activities we have planned, please contact Nina Gabriel at sketchilani@gmail.com or Bandaul Chansy at kinderatharte@yahoo.com.